Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big League Fun In A Minor League Park II @GSOHoppers

For the first time in a long time, Em and I took up our local Minor League Team (Greensboro Grasshoppers) on their "Money Off Monday" promotion. Every Monday home game comes with the treat of $1 hot dogs, beverages (beer / soda / water), snow cones, and $5 lawn tickets. It's a deal. A deal that was made even better by the fact that we didn't have to pay for our tickets due our winning of a Twitter contest a couple months ago (box seats, score!).

With all of the rain we've had in central NC lately, the Grasshoppers were forced into playing a doubleheader, so by the time we arrived, they were already halfway through the first game. The thing is, this worked out in our favor as we sat down with our "dinner" just in time for all of the drama. The Grasshoppers wound up losing the first game, 6-2, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Em remaked, "That was the best themed restaurant we've been to," and I couldn't help but agree with her. The weather was perfect, my company was great, and the hot dogs were...hot.

No complaints from me.

Every time Em and I try to burn off a set of tickets, we always wind up getting our hands on some more. Not surprisingly, another set dropped into our lap yesterday when the ticket attendant accidentally printed off tickets for today's game instead of Monday's. When we went back to fix the error, we were told that we could keep the Tuesday tickets. Go fig. Unfortunately, they went unused as today's game started at 12:30p -- a fact I totally missed until today when I was about to hop in the car to drive down to the stadium to give them away to someone standing in line. Whoops.


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